You don’t have to go without a healthy breakfast in the morning, even if time is tight. Here are some ways you can start your day out with a quick, nutritious meal that will keep you energized throughout the morning.

Stock Your Kitchen

To make breakfast at home, keep your kitchen stocked with some healthy staples. Pick a few foods that you like from the list below and keep them on hand.


  • Fresh fruit — whole fruit like apples, banana, oranges, tangerines, pears, nectarines and peaches are easy to grab and go
  • Frozen fruit — keep a bag or two in your freezer to use in smoothies or to mix with light yogurt
  • Canned fruit — try individual-sized cups of mandarin oranges, peaches or fruit cocktail (canned in juice, not syrup)
  • Dried fruit — raisins, dried cranberries, etc. are great in oatmeal or mixed with nuts


Whole Grains

  • Quick oats — in single-serving packs or a bulk container (quick oats can be ready in less than 2 minutes)
  • 100% whole wheat bread or English muffins
  • Unsweetened whole grain or bran cereal


  • Unsalted nuts — try dry roasted walnuts, pecans, almonds, peanuts or a mix
  • Peanut butter and/or almond butter — nut butters will keep you feeling full from the combination of protein and fat


Eggs & Dairy

  • Eggs or egg substitute — they cook quickly and can be ready in a matter of minutes
  • Skim or 1% milk — soymilk or almond milk are also good options, especially for those with a lactose intolerance
  • Light/non-fat yogurt (regular or Greek) — plain is best, flavored varieties will have more carbohydrate
  • Cottage cheese — try 1% or 2% low-fat cottage cheese to cut back on the calories


  • Frozen peppers and onions — you can add these to egg sandwiches, wraps or omelets
  • Fresh tomatoes — these also go well with egg sandwiches or cut them up cottage cheese

Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  • In a microwave-safe bowl, crack an egg and whisk with 1 tablespoon of milk. Sprinkle in some garlic powder and ground pepper. Cook mixture in microwave for about one minute or until eggs are cooked through. Top with 1 tablespoon of salsa and sprinkle with a tablespoon of reduced-fat cheese. Have with a slice of whole grain toast topped with trans-free margarine and/or a small piece of fruit.
  • Use the microwave method above to scramble an egg. When done, wrap the egg in a whole wheat tortilla with some sliced bell peppers and tomatoes. Top with a dash of hot sauce, wrap in foil and bring with you on-the go.
  • Have a small bowl of whole grain cereal or bran cereal with ½ cup of low-fat milk. Top your cereal with fresh berries if they’ll fit with your meal plan. To cut back on the amount of carb in a bowl of cereal, use unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened soy milk, which have fewer carbs and calories per serving than regular milk.
  • Make a quick smoothie with ½ cup of non-fat plain Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons low-fat milk, and ½ cup of frozen fruit. Blend it all together and bring it with you on the go. You could also add a tablespoon of peanut butter, some ground flax or a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Don’t want to fuss with the blender? Make a yogurt parfait instead. In a dish, layer ½ cup non-fat yogurt, ½ cup berries and some chopped pecans.
  • Breakfast can be as simple as peanut butter and toast. Toast a slice of 100% whole wheat bread or an English muffin. Top with 1-2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter or almond butter. You could also top with some apple or banana slices if it works with your meal plan.
  • Mix ¼ cup of quick oats with ½ cup water and cook in the microwave for about 1 minute or until oats are cooked. Stir in 1 teaspoon Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, some cinnamon, and a small handful of dry roasted nuts. Add an apple on the side or mix in a tablespoon of dried fruit if desired.
  • Portion out ½ cup of cottage cheese and mix in ½ cup canned peaches. If you don’t like peaches, try another fruit like pineapple, raspberries, blueberries or even diced tomatoes. Add a small handful of nuts on the side if desired.

Breakfast on the Go

There may be days when fast food is your only option in the morning. Luckily, many restaurants now offer healthier choices. Here are some good options to look for:

  • Order a small latte made with skim milk and pick up a package of nuts and/or a small piece of fruit to go with it.
  • Oatmeal is a popular item on breakfast menus now. Order it and mix in some fresh or dried fruit and nuts.
  • Order a small fruit and yogurt parfait with a cup of coffee.
  • Try an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich or wrap preferably with whole grain bread or tortilla. Add extra veggies if possible and skip the bacon and sausage.

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